Senior Supervisor

Meet one of our longest standing Employees! Our bubbly and attentive Senior Supervisor has been on the SOB team since day 1! Here are some fun facts about our Front of House Leader...



Lacombe, Alberta


I have worked in the industry for a mere 2 years, but have spent 10 out of my 24 years alive working in customer service and sales!



Marketing and Human Resources

Something we would never guess about you:
I am ordained! But also...

I love experimenting behind the bar and in my kitchen with different flavour profiles! I started cooking at the age of 7 and have been in love ever since. If I am not at SOB I am cooking at home or enjoying the outdoors!


Favorite thing about working at SOB:

My favourite thing about SOB is being apart of a LOCAL team with the ability to create a direct line to the community offering a finer dining experience with a home style advantage. …Oh, and the pasta!


Favorite thing on the menu:

Definitely the pizza, the homemade sauce is amazing.

chef ernesto.jpg

Executive Chef

We are so lucky to have Chef Ernesto!

He is a Chef with over 10 years’ experience, and has had such high-profile clients as Yoko Ono, The Chinese Ambassador to Canada and Justin Trudeau. He specializes in Fine Dining and Latin cuisine, so you’ll definitely be treated to elements of that at SOB.

Previous to SOB Ernesto was the head Chef at an upscale Spanish Tapas restaurant and had worked as the Head Chef for a catering company putting on ‘swanky’ events.

From: Tabasco, Mexico

Why Canada?

I’ve been Canada for 6 years, I came from Mexico straight to Toronto to take a head Chef position. Our family decided to make the switch to Alberta after 6 years of living in Toronto because we wanted a change of pace and a different lifestyle for our girls to grow up.

I’ve been married for 11 years to my beautiful wife Elouisa. We have two girls age 9 and 11. We really enjoy hiking, and fishing together as a family.



BA of Culinary Arts

Favorite things to eat:

Anything Local, I want to experience cuisine I cannot get everywhere.

Favorite thing on the SOB Menu:

Tacos and the SOB burger, they are a must try when you come.

Favorite thing about working at SOB:

The atmosphere that is created by the teamwork is unimaginable. It makes the vision of creating the “go-to” place for locals and tourists so much easier and enjoyable.

chef cezar.jpg

Sous Chef


Just when you think our team can’t get any better along comes Caesar! Caesar has spent 15 years working in Dubai before coming to Canada. He has literally built a restaurant from the ground up, coming up with the concept for a restaurant with an engineer by drawing it in the sand. Cesar has since graced many start-ups with his expertise, organization and persevering nature.



Manilla, Philippines


Why Canada:

I came to Canada to join my family that was already living here. Living abroad is quite adventurous, but it is always nice to be around those you love.


I’m a Red Seal Chef and a member of the Canadian Culinary Federation

Something we would never guess about you:

I love photography as a hobby. And if I weren’t a chef I’d be graphic designer. As well, I’ve been married for 21 years and we have a lovely family with two children.


Favorite Cuisine to make:

I am trained in French cuisine, I love to make French dishes because of their beauty.


Favorite Cuisine to Eat:

Thai cuisine or South East Asian


Favorite thing about Working at Sun of a Beach:

The lake views are phenomenal, you just can’t beat those Sunsets.